OSUL logo contest

As part of the Program Wsparcia Rozwoju Uniwersytetów Ludowych for 2020-2030, the Polish Federation of Folk High Schools received funding to develop its activities and promote the idea of the Folk High school movement in Poland.

One of the activities promoting the brand "Folk High Schools" is to create a distinctive logo.

We would like to invite everyone to the contest. REGULATIONS BELOW!

Terms & Conditions

I. Organiser of the competition

The organiser of the competition to design a logo is the Polish Federation of Folk High Schools (OSUL).

II. Purpose and subject matter of the Competition

1. The aim of the competition is to select the best graphic symbol (logo) for OSUL. 2.

2. The logo will be used by the federation for identification, advertising, correspondence, promotional purposes, etc.

3. The competition runs from: 25 January to 12 March 2021.

III. Conditions of participation in the competition

1. The competition is open to individuals over the age of 18.