OSUL logo contest

As part of the Program Wsparcia Rozwoju Uniwersytetów Ludowych for 2020-2030, the Polish Federation of Folk High Schools received funding to develop its activities and promote the idea of the Folk High school movement in Poland.

One of the activities promoting the brand "Folk High Schools" is to create a distinctive logo.

We would like to invite everyone to the contest. REGULATIONS BELOW!

Terms & Conditions

I. Organiser of the competition

The organiser of the competition to design a logo is the Polish Federation of Folk High Schools (OSUL).

II. Purpose and subject matter of the Competition

1. The aim of the competition is to select the best graphic symbol (logo) for OSUL. 2.

2. The logo will be used by the federation for identification, advertising, correspondence, promotional purposes, etc.

3. The competition runs from: 25 January to 12 March 2021.

III. Conditions of participation in the competition

1. The competition is open to individuals over the age of 18.

2. Competition projects can be realized and submitted individually.

3. Competition entries should be submitted in accordance with the requirements announed in the Terms and Conditions.

4. The participant is obliged to present his/her original design.

5. Participation in the competition is tantamount to relinquishing copyright to the OSUL Federation.

6. Participation in the competition is tantamount to acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition.

7. By submitting an application as part of the competition, entrants agree to have their personal data processed by the Organiser solely for the purposes of the competition.

8. the Organisers decide about matters not covered by the regulations.

IV. Form of presentation of the Competition work and prizes

1. The graphic design (logo) should be suitable for a variety of uses

The logo should be suitable for a variety of uses: advertising, Internet, magazines, leaflets and other promotional materials.

2. The entries should be created using computer techniques.

3. The competition designs must meet the following conditions:

The logo must be presented in any format.

The design must not contain offensive elements.

4. The logo should have the following features;

-Be clear and easy to remember,

-Arouse positive emotions

-It should be simple in terms of graphics and colours,

-May include the name of the federation: Ogólnopolska Sieć Uniwersytetów Ludowych

5. The works should be submitted indicating:

-name and surname,

-e-mail address, telephone number.

V. Place and deadline for submitting the entries

1. The works should be submitted by: 12 March 2021 to the e-mail address biuro@osul.pl

2. The works that do not meet the requirements specified in the Terms & Conditions will not be evaluated by the Competition Committee.

3. Any entries delivered after the deadline will not be assessed.

4. The Organiser shall not return any entries.

VI. Criteria for Evaluation of Competition Works

Projects will be judged according to the following criteria:

1) compatibility of the project with the federation's data,

2) originality of the sign, ease of remembering, idea

3) clearness and functionality of the design

4) Aesthetics of the design.

VII. Evaluation of the Competition works

1. The winning entries will be selected by the Competition Committee, consisting of members of the Federation.

2. The above persons cannot be participants of the Competition and cannot have family connections with them.

VIII. Settlement of the Competition

1.In the result of the contest, the Contest Committee shall select the winner of the contest.

2. There are prizes foreseen for the winners.

The prize foreseen for winning the competition is: 1000 PLN and a voucher for participation in one of the courses implemented in the member schools.

3. Planned date of announcing the results: March 2021.

4. The results will be posted on the OSUL website and on Facebook and Instagram

5. The organisers reserve the right to refine or modify the winning design and to not settle the competition.

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